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Once the center of a commercial fishing village, Fishtown is the home of seasoned fishing shanties, working smokehouses, a long-time destination for artists, charter boats, eclectic shops, island ferries, and old docks built directly on the mouth of the Leland River in Leland, Michigan.  It is port to two historic fishing tugs; the Janice Sue and the Joy. Fishtown hosts one of the last surviving commercial fishing operations on the Great Lakes.

The Janice Sue was launched in 1958, by Louis Steffens, she was named for his three year-old niece. In 1981 the trap-net tug, the Joy, was launched and both tugs have become core to the Great Lakes maritime traditions and experiences that continue to reside in Fishtown. Since 1975, the Leland Historical District (Fishtown) has been listed on the National Registry of Historical Places.

In the early seventies, local artist Malcolm Chatfield, was inspired to create the iconic Tug Stuff logo. Fishtown boasts one of the most unique shopping experiences you could ever have. Steps away from sandy beaches, right on the banks of the Leland River, nestled between sand dunes on the shores of Lake Michigan. 

Port Hole View Leland