About Tug Stuff

Tug Stuff is your source for comfortable stylish clothing and accessories all featuring our exclusive Tug Stuff logo.  The Tug emblem was created by local artist Malcolm Chatfield, and has served as Leland's unofficial logo, and a reminder of our heritage, for almost two decades.  All of our products are adorned with this iconic Fishtown tug which is a symbol of Leland's rich fishing history.  Leland is proud to be one of the last fishing ports to still actively use tugs for fishing Lake Michigan waters.  Many Leelanau locals and visitors alike view our Tug emblem as representative of this unique place we love and the values it stands for; heritage, community, family, fun and the Leelanau utopia.

            The signature “Port Hole” emblem was also created by Malcolm, and has quickly grown in popularity.  This circular artwork depicts the view one sees from the Tug as it pulls out of Leland Harbor on it's frequent fishing trips.  Any visitor to Leland will soon learn to recognize the famous local landmarks of Van's beach, Whaleback and the majestic Manitou Islands on Lake Michigan.

            At Tug Stuff, we love being a part of Fishtown, right in the middle of an exciting blend of history, scenery and commerce; an unusual mix of fishermen, merchants and visitors.  Occasionally, you can sight a river otter or an eagle from the docks of the harbor.

            Some Tug Stuff news - Tug Stuff has outgrown its current home in the old Henry Steffens Net Shed, and will be relocating to the Harting and Light Shanty, right on the dock over the river, next to Carlson's Fisheries.

Also, coming up on the horizon, some fresh new versions of the logo are in the works.  More on that later.  Keep an eye peeled!