Here we are, the beginning of November, which means dropping temperatures, dwindling light and the dormancy of our beloved gardens here on the 45th parallel. Across the northern hemisphere, the beginning of November has traditionally been marked by thoughts of the departed ones and our ancestors. All Souls' and All Saints' Days, Day of the Dead, and closer to home, Ghost Supper, all serve to remind us to appreciate not only the season's bounty, but to feast the ones who came before us. A reminder of all the things we have received from them: Names, stories, habits and traditions, belongings and photos and sometimes, the family home. In any case, we recognize the abundance and bounty that surrounds us, and prepare to hunker down for the coming winter.

It has been a long busy season here in Fishtown, and as we begin to breathe a little again, our ancient instincts turn our gaze inward to our homes. Long evenings invite warm lights and candles, the cooling earth requires a warmer palette to make our rooms cozy; tones of flames, evergreens, bricks and chocolate. Our county's great abundance encourages us to fill our kitchens with the smells of apples, grapes and baking. The Ottawa call the November moon the Freezing Moon, invoking clear leafless nights. As you shiver at the sound of coyotes yipping in the frosty dark, it is time to celebrate one another with happy homes , hot cider and appreciation.

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