Meet Chrissy~ Owner aka " brains of the operation" and the name on the credit card! This woman has a wealth of experience in this biz and is a one of a kind,creative,happy-go-lucky kinda gal. She's the best boss anyone could ask for-understanding, fair and all around pleasure to work  for.  She is a beautiful person inside and out. Chrissy is "the bomb diggity"

Meet Joy~ She is our silly ass stray from Fishtown that Twyla, our determined 12 year old, had to have.  I must say I 've never met such a clutzy cat but we wouldn't trade her for anything!  She LOVES to watch the faxes come through, gets super excited when we print things and keeps a close eyeon the computer monitor as we work on projects.What a great name for her, as she has brought alot of Joy  to the office!